The custom solution has become an essential element of the packaging industry. With the passage of time, the old standardized brown boxes are frequently replacing by the new custom boxes to ensure innovativeness, specialized design and features. Custom boxes wholesale are not just used for packaging but they are considered ideal for shipping purposes. By creating a high-quality custom box for shipping you can effectively protect the products during the transition as well as make them stand out in a crowd. Their specifications, graphics, artwork and other printed information can be changed as per customer requirement.

The Internet is full of stories regarding the waste of cardboard material in the process of making shipping boxes. Custom packaging overcomes the fault by making a perfect fit box for every specific item. This reduces the waste of oversized boxes and cargo space. Custom boxes for shipping provide a unique unboxing experience and embellished inner packaging to enhance the brand image on a smaller budget. Taking a plain cardboard sheet and converting it into a customized packaging enhances its grace and attractiveness and appears more appealing to the customers. Whether you want to make custom shipping boxes on the small or large scale, the process is comparatively simple and requires a couple of steps which are as follows.

  • Measure the dimensions of your product:

The first step in making a custom box for shipping is to take the dimensions of the product you want to ship. This step will ensure to make a perfect sized box for your product. The selection of appropriate packaging material like that of cardboard, corrugated paper or Kraft paper should be decided at the first. According to experts for bulky and large items, a thick corrugated cardboard should be used to make custom boxes whereas for smaller items cardboard easy to open boxes with tuck flaps should be used. The dimensions should be taken by keeping a margin of the half to one an inch to insert the filler material if needed.

  • Choose a designer or DIY:

Once you have taken all the measurements to obtain a box of right shape or size, next step is to make the box out of the appropriately selected material. For this purpose you have two options; either hire a designer or do it yourself. For the first option, go for the professional who has a good experience in designing the packaging boxes. He should be skilled enough to work on graphics, fonts and colour scheme to be selected for making an attractive packaging design. However, if you go for the second option, do can also yourself design a custom box for shipping. For this purpose, there are various online tools to help you guide through the process.

  • Making the custom box:

Making a custom box on your own is an interesting task which helps you to gain command over the process in just a few time. For this purpose, you need to buy cardboard sheets in bulk. Cut them according to the dimensions of the product you want to fit in.  You can also use various templates available online to make a perfectly shaped custom box for shipping. However, if your business is large scale then various entrepreneurs prefer to contact an online custom packaging company which can readily provide you with customized solutions for your every time packaging needs. Different custom box making machines are also available for can effectively make a perfect sized box for your product without wasting any raw material.

  • Customization and printing options:

One of the important steps in custom packaging is to make your box attractive by using various printing options. Although you necessarily start with a white or brown cardboard box but converting it into an eye-catching package enhance your brand image. The use of high tech printing techniques, graphics and other related artwork can help you to acquire an attractive display. A specially designed custom tape can also work well but when you have to go through numerous custom shipping boxes then printing proves more effective than to put label separately on each custom box. Make a research and evaluate various alternates without finalizing a printing option. Order for samples or view reviews online.

Once your customization and printing get complete, fit the product into the box. If the items are delicate you can use filler material like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, support cushions etc to enhance the protection. Add on the necessary details if any and your custom box is ready for shipping. For more details of how to make them refer the following link:

There is always a novelty in getting to use a particular technology or an application that is quite out of the ordinary for most times.  The issue of wooden watches is in this genre of goods that can truly be classified as pure luxury.  The best men’s wooden watches are more exclusive than even the most selective of Swiss time pieces as well. Thus it is a good way of proving to be exclusive in nature as well as in mens wooden watches

When the best men’s wooden watches keep time

The most fundamental and basic function of a watch is to keep time and the more accurate it is the better the performance is considered to be.  Rarely is accuracy of performance a substitute for any other factor when a wristwatch or for that matter any time piece is taken into consideration.  Even with the wooden time pieces, the need to keep time to perfection is never missed even for a moment.

The modern man is often characterized by the ability to divide the day into various parts as morning, afternoon and evening.  Each functional part of the different parts of a day is relevant to a certain activity ranging from work to leisure and finally sleeps.  It is the importance of time that separates these parts that make the time piece or the watch all the more important.

In the very initial days of keeping time the non availability of affordable time pieces did have its toll on how people took to the concept of timekeeping.  There were hilarious instances of goof ups that resulted in difference that different people kept time. The ability to standardize time and time zones is in a good part to the advent of affordable and reliable time pieces.

Thus wooden men’s watches other than being a novelty must be able to keep time to a reasonably reliant manner.  It is then that the piece can be labeled as utilitarian.  Whatever may be the reason that a user of a wooden watch might have, it must in the very final reckoning keep reliable time.

Where novelty meets utility

No doubt the nature of a wooden watch often makes it costly as it cannot be given the advantages of mass production.  Thus the scales of operation are so lopsided to ensure that a wooden watch remains a novelty than a product of mass consumption.  Thus the owners of a wooden watch would be quite unaffected as to whether it keeps perfect time than if it did keep time at all. best mens wooden watches

Thus the functionality is sacrificed to a large extent to provide a time piece that is often something that needs to be marveled at rather than be relied on to keep perfect time. All this adds up a phenomenon where society places a greater importance and stress on show pieces at some point and it is the realization that they remain as show pieces and not as an object of everyday use that is key.