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You may be wondering what is PIFRA Salary Slip? So if you are then you might not be a government employee. PIFRA is a project developed by the government of Pakistan for the accuracy and ease of auditing system of government.PIFRA Salary Slip

Here what PIFRA stands for “Project to improve financial reporting and auditing”. Government of Pakistan has tremendously improved the financial and auditing system of employees.

In a short span of time, the government has drastically developed the auditing system. Thanks to online conversion which improved all systems and provided a better and reliable way to get salary slips and pensions.

If you are a Pakistani government employee and want to know how you can get your PIFRA salary slip? Then stay with me.

Where to get Pay Slip Form for PIFRA?

First of all, you need to get register with PIFRA salary slip system. Getting register with PIFRA is not a mess. Although you need your all necessary documents for verification and registration. In case you don’t have your complete documents, I am sorry you can’t proceed to further terms.

Make sure you have collected your all academic records and documents prior to registration for PIFRA.

One thing I should mention here that this site has nothing to do with the official site for PIFRA salary slip, which is operated by the government. We are here just to guide and help you out. We don’t demand any of your personal documents or any other legal papers. Neither have we demanded any personal information. It’s all about help purpose of people who really don’t know where to get register and where to get their PIFRA salary slip.

I am going to explain the procedure for the registration of Pifra salary slip, so keep your documents close to you and open the official site of PIFRA which is but it will redirect you to the new site which is


PIFRA salary slip Registration

Here we come to the main topic. Now it’s time for PIFRA salary slip registration. Follow the steps for successful registration of PIFRA.

  • Go to the official site of PIFRA
  • Now you need to put your personal information in the form
  • Enter your government code
  • Enter your employee’s personal number
  • Enter your CNIC number
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter your cell/mobile number

Now click on the yellow stripe and go to the next page. On the next page, you will be asked for the email address.

Put your valid email address in the box and click to submit. Note that only Gmail emails will work on PIFRA, Yahoo and other email services are currently not acceptable.

Congratulations, now your monthly salary slip will be emailed to you regularly. You don’t need to wait while standing in the queues. On every month your PIFRA salary slip will be sent to your provided email address while registration.


Why my PIFRA Salary Slip not Received?

This is a very common issue, and it’s just because of a non-valid email address. Most of the time, the employee of government provide an invalid or miss spelled email address and in the return, they face a problem while receiving a PIFRA salary slip online.

Always be conscious while you are typing your email address for PIFRA registration.

In this post, you will know how you can fix the QuickBooks Desktop update error. And by following the solution method sections give common troubleshooting info to fix updates errors in the QB for desktop. For taking more info about each error, you have to enter the error number or enter the error message into the search field option.

If you are trying to update QuickBooks Desktop, then you get the errors. And you do not know about the causes and resolution, then you should read this article to get all the answers to your questions. Here you will know you don’t get any specific error while updating the QuickBooks Desktop. You may get error code 12157, 12037, 12030, and 12045. By following the below-given method you can fix your problem with ease.

Method 1- In your system, check the time & date.

If you are able to see the chase banking web site, then you should start QB desktop & perform the following steps:

● Choose the internet connection setup option from the help menu.
● While this app access over the internet, then choose my system’s internet connection setting option for establishing the connection.
● Then choose the next option.
● Also, you need to choose the Advance connection setting.
● Choose the restore advanced settings from the advanced tap.
● Then click on OK and Done option.
● Again update the QB desktop.

Also, perform the following method carefully:

● The download accelerator may conflict, including the download method. Before downloading the QuickBooks update, ensure to disable the download accelerator.
● When you see the dial-up connection, then you need to verify the minimum internet connection speed. Speed should be approx 28.8 (Kb/s) kilobits per second.
● When you are using the AOL (America On line), then sign in to the AOL along with the master sign-in name. If it is possible, & assure the parental control settings should not be enabled.

Follow the steps for personal firewall application settings and internet security

Your firewall & internet security should be interfered with the updates. And you have to verify the configuration of the personal firewall software settings & internet security.

Port eighty & four hundred fortythree should be enabled. And access to the following files should be provided:

● Dbmlsync.exe
● AutoBackupExe.exe
● IntuitSyncManager.exe
● FileMovementExe.exe
● FileManagement.exe
● QBDBMgrN.exe
● QBDBMgr.exe
● QBCFMonitorService.exe
● QuickBooksMessaging.exe
● QBW32.exe
● QBServerUtilityMgr.exe
● QBLaunch.exe
● QBGDSPlugin.exe
If you use these ports by other procedure, then the QB database server can use a fallback port, 56719.
Many instances of QB desktop on the same system.
If you have multiple installations of QB desktop of the similar QuickBooks version year installed in your system, then you may encounter the update error. (e.g Qb enterprise version 18.0 & QB premier 2018).
If it occurs, then you should download & install the manual update in your system for more version of QB desktop. If you want to get more information, then dial QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number. Intuit certified team is always available to give the best solution to your issues. Also, the well-certified team has many years of experience in customer support. So, do not get hesitate to take support from the assistance team of QuickBooks.

Relying on the objectives of any house remodeling being done, there can be extremely extensive to-do lists for both the contractor and the owner. With everything that has to get completed eventually, it can be tough to make sure that all essential tasks have been taken care of. To make sure that the home remodel procedure is as smooth as possible, an individual ought to take some time to do some opening responsibilities.remodeling

Take Some Time To Research:

Each house remodel begins with the desire, dream, or requirement for a change. Whether an individual is looking to enhance upgrade, space, boost property value, or is trying to make the house more energy efficient, they ought to take some time to research and extend the potential changes. Research ought to be directed at similar home remodels and ought to comprise possible construction, designs, and outcomes. The objective is to acquire a firm idea of what the completed product must look like so that there’s something tangible to talk with possible contractors.

Numerous of such contractors do have skilled remodelers that can assist in making such decisions, but a knowledgeable owner will can assign fewer resources to the planning part of their home remodel venture. If a general plan is accessible at this time, it’s usually possible to get a few estimations regarding the labor. It’ll offer a rough figure for the project. An architect from a remodel firm should be contacted for any extensive labor.

Set A Budget:

With a few figures in hand, dependable funding has to be created so that labor doesn’t have to stop suddenly. It’s also a terrible idea to begin very big ventures if there isn’t an assurance it can be disbursed for at the essential times. It’s vital that a monetary cushion be accessible on the set plan in case sudden costs occur during the house remodel. Even very experienced remodelers might quote an estimation lower than what the charges really turn out to be.

Once a financial plan has been firmly created, thorough research regarding the probable remodel contractors has to be done. Confirm which allows having to be requested. Look into any referrals for diverse companies and make sure to confirm all references given by a contractor. Albeit cost can be an extremely deciding factor, make sure to not only arbitrarily select the lowest costs. The objective of home remodel is to have quality and permanent changes. It’d be a waste of money and time to have to employ another contractor for correcting all the mistakes.

Remove All The Valuable Items:

Make certain to take out all the precious items from the site of the home remodeling. Be ready for noise and workers in the house during the day. Once the labor starts, schedule meetings regularly with the contractor. It’s a great way to make sure that work is being completed promptly while meeting all needs. Individuals may desire to get a hotel room for minimizing the inconveniences. Remember that vacations must never be scheduled during any house remodel ventures because it makes it hard to check on the labor being finished.

All across the globe, Android has more than two billion users. The majority of Android users are frustrated and annoyed about the limitations. For doing so require to perchance for proceeding you have to purchase this applications pro version that message makes you annoyed. We are talking about an application that can resolve such limitations! The name of that tool is the Lucky Patcher. This tool will provide you the opportunity to block ads, modifying system applications, removing system applications, modifying application permissions, bypassing license verification, and a lot more!Lucky Patcher Application

What Can You Do With This Tool?

  • Removing Advertisements:

By utilizing this tool, you can get rid of advertisements that make you angry during using any application or playing any game. At times such advertisements make you so angry that you lose your interest in playing the game or utilizing the app. Ads on header banner and pop up advertisements are more annoying. You can get rid of such advertisements by simply clicking a few buttons. This tool provides you freedom from advertisements mess. Simply download the app on the Android device and get freedom from advertisements prison.

  • Getting Gems And Coins:

This tool will provide you the chance to get unlimited money, coins, characters, gems, weapons that you require for purchasing to utilize. No need to Waste the hard earned cash for the gluttonous games developers, within a few simple clicks you’ll acquire the chance to get what you desire!

  • Utilizing Paid Applications:

You’re interested in utilizing some paid applications that require cash to purchase. No need to splurge that cash, simply install this tool on the android phone, and you’ll be capable of using a lot of paid applications for free! You’ll be capable of accessing paid applications features. That’ll save you’re a lot of cash! Purchase a coffee with that cash and relax with this tool and do a few clicks for unlocking the paid features.

  • Moving Any Application:

A few applications are installed in the device storage, but you have to move them to the memory Card. In this situation, a lot of applications are not permitted to move it to your memory card. But this will provide you that feature for moving any application to the memory card. Just for a few clicks, you can move your apps to the memory card.

Minimum Requirements For Install The Lucky Patcher App:

Before installing this app, make certain that your phone meets the exact system requirements. The tool will work optimally only if such requirements are met. The conditions for installing the Lucky Patcher app are:

  • Since it’s a Modding app, it’d need the android phone to be rooted before installing the application.
  • It requires two GB RAM to work properly.
  • It functions on smart devices with the Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) version and above. It is also compatible with Windows 8, 7, and 10.
  • Ten GB free internal storage is also needed by the tool to work optimally.

Moreover, this tool also needs some permission from the Android phone. These are:

  • Permission for reading the memory card contents.
  • Permission for drawing over other applications and for modifying the system settings.
  • Permission for approximating location.
  • Permission for modifying or deleting the SD card contents.

A lot of businesses are utilizing custom boxes for the packaging of the product and advertising the products they are manufacturing in the market. However, such businesses do not have their own resource for making the boxes for packaging and distribution, so they need to depend on the companies selling custom boxes for the packaging and distribution concern. Such containers serve many requirements of businesses such as packaging, storage, and distribution. Such containers provide a lot of value-added advantages that assist in increasing sales and client satisfaction.

The Custom Product Boxes come in a variety of designs and shapes for facilitating the organizations and companies in the packaging and preservation of their goods. It further assists in dispatching products all across the world. However, the advantages of these boxes are not limited to the only packing and storage. They append a lot of benefits to the businesses, and a few of the major advantages are mentioned as follows:Custom Product Boxes

Help In Building The Brand Recognition:

The custom boxes offer particular packing to the goods that assist in influencing the customers for utilizing and preferring business’s goods. Such boxes make cohesion between the consumers and the brand for further boosting the consumption of the goods. For instance, the custom cosmetic containers are utilized for making a relationship between the product and the buyer through the good-looking packaging of the goods. It makes a great impact on all the users for using such products. Being a company owner, it is the main goal to add to the product visibility for reaching the max number of customers and add to the popularity of the brand in the market.

Noteworthy Reduction In Price:

Packing goods for a great presentation and shipping in the custom containers considerably decrease prices of the storage and transportation for businesses. The production concerns can avail huge advantages of inventory management and simple distribution of the goods through the special containers. Goods are simple to arrange for storage in storage space and transportation.

Safety Of The Goods:

The custom containers make sure that the safety of your goods does not get affected and add to the life of the goods on the ledges. The customized containers provide a lot of space for the packaging of the goods and assist in securing the products throughout the shipping. It mainly assists in securing fragile objects while carrying.

There are a lot of online businesses that are assisting in providing the custom sized containers in different shapes, designs, and size on the bulk order. Such businesses provide cheaper costs and delivery of the custom boxes in a short time. So, it provides a great chance for the manufacturing business to get customized packaging containers at a low cost and boost their company productivity and visibility of their goods in the market.

Hope this guide has helped you learn a lot of good things about the Custom Product Boxes. So be sure to check out this option every time you are going to transport something to your customers.

From the time when online shopping became a trend, it has totally changed the way of purchasing the things of your daily use. At different online platform, you can buy stuff such as gift items, cosmetics, juices, spices, fruits, grocery, handbags, and much more. By shopping on such online platforms, you can save both your money and time.

With this option, you have not to go from one shop to the other for purchasing diverse items. It’s probably owing to the accessibility of all kinds of things under one roof. Aside from that, you are free from the aggravation of bargaining as well. Consumers tend to get great advantages from getting online discounts, deals, and coupons. Visit for getting the best coupon deals. Now let’s have a glance on the top few advantages of utilizing online coupons and deals:

  • Like this, you can save your money and time.
  • You get to purchase things at a discounted cost.
  • It assists you in getting the best things at the lowest price.
  • Decreases the extra expenses.kohls 30 off may 2019
  • Boosts the consciousness about the brand among the buyers.
  • Light on the consumer’s pocket.
  • Tracking shopping becomes simpler.
  • Quick, easy, and handy to gain from.
  • Odds of getting extra gift voucher on the purchase or order.

Where Can You Find Amazing Clearance On Buying Stuff?

Kohl’s is providing up to ninety percent off their clearance with outstanding purchases on men’s pull-overs, sleep shirts and pants, women’s blanket scarves, fleece jackets, kids pajamas, and a lot more for your entire family! Plus, you can also utilize the Kohls 30 off May 2019 and acquire ten dollars Kohl’s money back for every fifty dollars you spend! You can sort your clearance to check the sales for men, women, girls, boys, teen guys, and juniors.

Utilize the coupon code for the charge holders of Kohl for saving thirty percent off through May 19. If you don’t have a charge holder of Kohl, then you can simply save fifteen percent off with the other coupon code through May 19.

Offers And Coupons:

  • Thirty Percent Off Coupon:

Get thirty percent off the in-store or online purchase when you utilize the coupon code for the charge holders of Kohl at the checkout through 19 May. For saving up to fifteen percent ton your purchase in case, you don’t have a charge holder of Kohl you can use the other coupon code through May 19.

  • Ten Dollars Kohl’s Cash:

Acquire ten dollars of Kohl’s money for every fifty dollars you spend on buying different stuff through 19 May. You can cash in the Kohl’s money from 20th May 20 to 27th May 2019.

  • Free Shipping:

Shipping of all the stuff your purchase using this amazing coupon deal is free when you have it shipped to the local store of Kohl for picking up which is what usually a lot of people like doing. It is also free with a buy of seventy-five dollars or more.

Of all the stuff in a house, the rug faces the most direct traffic which adds to the dirt buildup and general tear and wears. It’s significant to keep your carpet cleaned and well-maintained to not just keep it gazing new, but also to boost its prolonged existence. The rug in a house ought to be professionally cleaned one or two times a year riding on the amount of foot traffic in the house. House owners ought to make sure to vacuum the rug at least one time a week between professional Carpet Cleaning.

Health Advantages:

Rugs tend to trap various bacteria, dust particles, and allergens found in your house.  Such airborne dust particles have been linked to sinus, nose, and breathing issues like asthma.  If such pollutants are not eradicated from the rug, they can reason many health issues, particularly in young kids.  While vacuuming is certainly a significant part of maintaining the carpet, it alone can’t get rid of these contaminants.  Dirt, bacteria, and dust that has accumulated on your rug over some time can just be eradicated through professional grade products utilized for cleaning and sanitizing the house that is part of a certified cleaning service.Carpet Cleaning

Extends The Carpet’s Life:

One major advantage of a professional cleaning service is that it assists in extending the carper’s life. Over time, dust, dirt, debris, and allergens accumulate in your rug and get entrenched within the fibers which can ultimately reason the fibers to deteriorate and split. Getting rid of this built up of debris and dirt will assist in improving the long life of your carpet as debris and dust are most likely to stick to a dirty rug than a clean rug.

Professional rug cleaners typically utilize cleaning techniques engaging hot water removal to effectively get rid of the debris from deep within the threads and leave the rug cleaned. House owners can also assist in decreasing the increase of debris in the carpet by vacuuming every day.

Improves The Overall Look Of The Space:

Did you acquaint that the carpeting is the major furnishing in a space? Carpets are also the one thing that receives the most utilization. It makes sense, but not a lot of individuals provide much thought about precisely how much grime is being tracked in each day. While one might not observe it initially, but over time space can look outdated and dirty only by the rug’s condition. Professional cleaning service can keep not just the fibers appearing new but enhance the aesthetics of your room.

Decreases Traffic Lane Effects:

Parts of carpeting that get major foot traffic, including living areas, hallways, and kitchens, etc., will get worse much faster than those under couches or in bedrooms. That’s because grime is continually being tracked in those parts, and you might have even seen that such parts are darker than the others. But the benefit of rug cleanings is that they’ll get rid of dirt and slow down such traffic lanes effects. The dark parts of your carpet will be eradicated, and the threads will be restored.

Installing rug in the house can be quite an investment, so it’s significant to protect the investment by correctly caring for it. Regular maintenance and routine professional Carpet Cleaning will assist in ensuring that the rug, as well as the house, is clean, fresh, and healthy.

Homdox chainsaw is a simple wood cutting tool. Helps in cutting some branches of the tree. Cutting is tree branches is a long life process. It is durable. Chainsaw helps in this process very well. It takes a long time. The emery required is high. With a normal razor, it is not easy to cut. Requires a large force with a normal razor. It is not good at all. A chainsaw is a tool for cutting wood. It has a circular chain. Teeth driven attaches with the motor. It works best in favor of those who cut wood. It does not fall down. There is no danger during the course of the storm. Below is a list of some best chainsaw. Poulan Pro last for a long time. It has a high quality of the engine. The quality of teeth built in is good. It futures the super clean air. Filter system gives clean air. Do not cause much pollution in the environment.

The starting system is effortless. Reduces vibration handle. It is easy to handle. The operator is not in danger. Easy process to work. A lot of energy is not there. Finish is quicker. It carries case include for the purpose of easy transport. Work WG304 is best to use a chainsaw for home use. It is economical. Light to handle is low. Worx is a perfect choice. It is an electric one. The motor is 15 amp. The chain tightening system is amazing. Work without much effort. It in case of an emergency stops easily. It has a built-in brake for safety. People find it much easy to handle. Because of this people find easy to function and set up. It comes with fully assemble design. Easy to use after unpacking it. Make use of all kind of cutting projects. Hs 18-inch bar. Helps to add away with the stability. It is resistant also. Provides good comfort. It is light and economical.

Professional woodcutter uses Husqvarna. Has bigger engine capacity. It has a powerful form of 18 inches. Has gas power chainsaw. The engine is almost 50.2 cc. The engine is ideal for regular cutting of wood. Take low emission design. This helps to reduce harmful exhaust emission. It has the best features. Low vibration is one of its features. Prevents hands from getting hurt. It has a powerful engine capacity. Easy to function. Set up system is easy. Use this for any kind of cutting project. Snap-lock cylinder covers all the features. Has an amazing experience.

Remington mentions yet another top quality. Work with a smaller engine. It is lightweight. So as the compact design for trimming needs. It starts with 14-inch low kick back. A chain with 8-amp. Easy to add the right amount of oil to the engine. Built-in push button is easy to handle.  People find this easy to handle. Has easy function and set up a system. Easy to trim as do not require much force. Chain tension helps to reduce tension. Use easily for any kind of cutting project. People fully enjoy the work as well. Comes with access to ready use function. It is adjustable. It is a company in design.

You might be having all the knowledge about SEO in the world, but still, you need to avail the services of HVAC SEO companies.  Even in the case, you might be having knowledge of SEO it would not be handy in all cases. You might be putting all your efforts in trying to avail a good ranking for your website, but still, the thought would strike you on why it does not happen. For starters, you need to take into consideration the fact that you need to optimize your website on all counts. in addition, you need to maintain your website in a continuous process. The point of consideration here would be that SEO seems to be a regular and recurring process. In order to make things simple, it would be always better to avail the services of an SEO company.

Evaluation guide of your site

Does the company you have chosen provide you with a self -evaluation guide. If the firm does appear to be a reliable one they would provide you with rankings and self-evaluation guide. The process to undertake this would be a website audit. This would provide a firm an idea on what you need to do in order to bring up the firm to the requisite standards. In fact, they need to troubleshoot all aspects in relation to achieve a certain level of ranking. You need to give due consideration to the indexing of pages as well.


If the company appears to be a reputable one they would give you details in terms of the quote. This needs to take into consideration the type of services you need to include. Charging off high costs does not mean that the service would be of optimum standards. A quality agency might be able to provide you with a rundown of costs and how it can help you in the long run.


Does the company you have gone on to choose to provide a timeline. Through proper planning along with hard work, you can achieve the results. There are some firms who claim that they would put you on the first page of Google within 10 days. But trust me no SEO company would be able to assure such results and if they do so they turn out to be fake.

For a top quality company, it takes around 6 to 18 months for the results to go as per plan. Make it a point that there would be no form of false pledges. Do keep in mind that the process of SEO is a regular process and you need to ensure that the process continues on a recurring level.

SEO technique

In the choice of an SEO company clearly outline the technique which the company would go on to use. There are some companies who rely on spam advertisement tactics and this makes you reach the higher levels in no time at all. Be careful when you hire such companies.

When you are going to choose a washing machine people to opt to choose the cheapest option thinking that all options are the same.  After all most of them go on to wash clothes. But what people fail to take notice would be the manner in which they are going to wash clothes. You can flip through the product reviews to obtain more information about the choice of washing machines. In the market, you are likely to come across hundreds of options to choose from. Now the question would be how do you go on to choose one in the first place.

The first question would be whether a cheap option in terms of washing machine works for you. First and foremost they have fewer features when you are going to compare it to the expensive models. Yes to a certain degree most of us do not use all the options but you are going to reduce the running costs of such machines. The rating of any washing machine clearly outlines its specification and the efficiency of the device. If you are going to use the dryer you might need a good tumbling speed dryer. On a full load, this would go on to save drying time by close to 30 minutes that works wonders when it would be a machine. So if you purchase a cheap machine this would not suffice. In fact, in terms of maintenance, you are going to churn in a lot of money as well for maintaining the machine.

Washing machines are in a viable range and you need to clearly understand the amount of money you might be planning to churn in on the same. The key would be to opt for a cheap machine but at the same time, it should have all the basic features with ratings on top of the machines. This does work out to be a good point but there are other pointers that you need to consider as well. This would depend upon your usage. In case if you plan to use your machine once in a week then opt for a cheap one with a lot of features. In case if your family would be on the higher side then the washing machine would go on to cost you more. This also depends upon the type of load you put on the machine. If it crosses more than 4 loads you are going to churn in a lot of money on your washing machine.

It does pave in for a considerable surprise that people go on to choose a washing machine on the basis of their looks. The load would take a back seat if the machine would be on constant display in the kitchen. In case if you are going to look at it all the time then opt for one which would have great looks. The cosmetic benefit of a washing machine would really appeal to the masses.